Harlem rapper, A$AP Rocky, 30, plead not guilty to assault charges he caught overseas in Sweden.

He’s been detained since July 3rd over an incident where he was harassed.

High profile celebs like Kim K., Al Sharpton, and Trump stepped in, but Swedish government wouldn’t budge.

The “victims” in the case are seeking $14,500 in damages. If A$AP is found guilty, he could face up to two years. A verdict could be reached Friday.


Tekashi 69 doesn’t have to worry about looking for love when he comes home because his girl Jade has been holding him down.

The model/bottle girl got a third tat of the rapper, another portrait of his face. She currently has two tats of his face and a 69 on her upper body area.

She posted to her IG story that the BK rapper will be home in 6 months.

Y’all still bumping Tekashi69 or nah? 🤔🏳️‍🌈

An A$AP Rocky fan is willing to risk it ALL for the rapper.

A woman named Rebecca reportedly was at the Swedish embassy and shouted, ‘I’m going to blow this motherf****r up,’ after tossing liquid from a cola bottle toward a doorway in the facility,” Daily Mail reports.

She was kicked off the premises and went back again the next day until she was detained for destruction of property and unlawful entry.

Today (July 29) makes 30 days since A$AP has been in Swedish jail.

Fabolous is setting the record straight after reports surfaced of him spotted with another woman.

TMZ broke the story and said Fab and Emily are done and Fab is back on the dating scene. Turns out Fabolous is still working things out with Emily.

The woman he was spotted with was a teacher according to him and it was a business meeting.

The BK rapper might sue TMZ for defamation.

Photo credit – Daily Mail

Christina Milian makes motherhood look like a breeze!

The singer/actress spotted a T-shirt that says “I’m a mom, I totally got this!”

She was seen taking a stroll with her daughter Violet, that she shares with The Dream.

Photo credit – Daily Mail

Christina is currently dating her boo Matt Pokora since 2017!

Photo credit – Daily Mail