The Bey Hive went swarming yesterday after Pop icon Madonna posted this photoshopped photo Beyoncè and Jay Z starring at her album covers. In the caption she originally wrote “learning from the master….lol. #art #equals #freedom.”

Even if you’re not a big Beyoncè fan, the comment makes you think what did Madonna mean by that? Is she a racist, referring to herself as “master.” Is this music/industry talk? Or is the icon just thirsty for some attention & misses the spotlight being on her?

We don’t honestly think Madonna meant anything racist by her comment (which she changed.)

I mean she did date Dennis Rodman & Tupac back in the day. Madonna is also a minority partner for Tidal so she has to “play nice.” So ultimately it seems like she might have been reaching for attention.

Photo credit: IG

This 2yo made national headlines on the cover of @time & became a symbol of Trump’s ridiculous immigration policy. Her father, a Honduran native saw the magazine cover and feared his daughter was separated from his wife.

Photo credit: Time

He later found out luckily for his daughter, she didn’t get taken away with the other 2,500 immigrant children. She went in a van with her mom he told the @washingtonpost.

Phot credit: Time

Meanwhile, the U.S military is preparing to House 20,000 migrants on four different bases.

Read full NY Times article here.