Wtf? 22-Y.O Colby Glen Larue from Florida killed his mother and dog, and then burned the house down.

Larue confessed to the crimes and told police why he did it. He claims after watching YouTube videos he was paranoid someone would rape his mom.

That’s when he shot her, the dog, and set the house on fire.

Larue has no criminal record, and it’s not clear if his mental state is all the way there.

He’s being held without bond.


Back in 2017, Drake an paid IG model, Layla Lace, $350,000 hush money after she accused him of sexual assault.

The incident happened while he was touring in Britain. Since he settled, no charges were made, but there was an investigation by Manchester police.

Layla claims Drizzy made her perform oral on him. She said he also made her “spit in a cup until he had measured it.”

Apparently she was suppose to keep quiet about the ordeal, now she may have to pay back $125k for spilling the tea!


The leader of the “Hot Girls” is showing women across the world the importance of chasing your dreams and education.

The 24-Y.O Houston bar spitta was dropping music while attending classes.

She had to take online courses due to her schedule filling up with shows and appearances. Megan Thee Stallion posted on her IG that she misses school and plans to be on campus in the fall.

Jordan Craig, 27, finally got her child support settled with trifling ex Tristan Thompson.

A judge ordered him to pay $40,000 a month (until 2YO Prince is 18), on top of $200,000 in back child support within 10 days. He may also pay $15,000 a year for a savings fund as well as Prince’s college tuition.

In addition, if Prince needs a tutor, he must pay for one at $2000 minimum!

Jordan told a judge that she wanted Prince to have the same lavish life as his sister Tru living with the Kardashians.


Photo credit – Google Images/WhoDats

A Mississippi fast food worker is now fired after writing a racial slur on a customer’s receipt.

Instead of putting Alexia Washington, the employee wrote “black b****s in silver car.” Washington immediately reported the ignorant employee to The Who Dat’s manager.

The manager made the employee apologize but more needed to be done and the higher ups from the company weren’t doing anything. Washington took it to social media.

That’s when the CEO fired the employee and met with Washington face to face.

Photo credit – Yahoo
Photo credit – Yahoo