Community Involvement



Every summer I put together a free community event for girls in the New York City and Long Island area. My mission is to empower the youth, especially young girls, when they’re going back to school to remind them the importance of staying focused and on the right path. I believe that when you surround young woman around positive role models, they have access to someone who they can look up to for advice.

Throughout the day the ladies learn about the lives of professional career women, the power of being kind to others, and that beauty is skin deep. The day is filled with activities, music, food, as well as entertainment, games, and prizes!

See pictures from over the years

unnamed-3 copy                         Slumber Jam 2017  – MUA: Glow With Kyra

unnamed-6 copy                         Slumber Jam 2017  – Playing The “Dream Pillow” Game

unnamed-4 copy                         Slumber Jam 2017  – Hot 97’s DJ Saige “Create Your Own Pillow Case”

unnamed-5 copy Slumber Jam 2017  – Create Your Own Pillow Case”

unnamed-7 copy   Slumber Jam 2017  – Hot 97’s Jen From BK Did a Meet And Greet With The Girls



unnamed-2.jpgSlumber Jam 2016  – I raised $1000 in 6 days for the girls!

unnamed-8Slumber Jam 2016

unnamed-6Slumber Jam 2016  – Each girl received a free gift bag filled with goodies

unnamed-7Slumber Jam 2016


Slumber Jam 2016  – Health and Nutrition lesson with @LifestyleByKim

unnamed-18Slumber Jam 2016


Slumber Jam 2016  – Create your own pillow case

unnamed-11Slumber Jam 2016

unnamed-22Slumber Jam 2016

unnamed-12Slumber Jam 2016

unnamed-9Slumber Jam 2016

unnamed-26Slumber Jam 2016  – The girls enjoyed crate your own cupcake


Slumber Jam 2016

Slumber Jam 2016  – Healthy food choices

unnamed-30Slumber Jam 2016

Promotional video for Slumber Jam – WATCH (link below)



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