HOT 97 Life


My Hot 97 journey began in 2016, I started working (volunteering) with Lisa Evers on Street Soliders and was a personal assistant for Jen Le.  In 2017, I was officially hired at Hot 97 + Hot 97 Who’s Next + WBLS as a digital strategist. In 2018, I became a host on Hot 97’s digital show, Hot 97 Now and a producer for TT Torrez. In 2019, I  became a part of The New MVMT family.

Hot 97 shoot 1.JPG

On the real, the day I started to believe in myself, put in the work, and stay dedicated (even on the toughest days), thats when the blessings started to fall from the sky. This can happen for you too, all you have to do is try. 

On a journey, not a race, forever a student of the game. Thankful for each person that helped me along the way!

Take a look at some fun moments at Hot 97:

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