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15 years on Earth but Tayahna Walcott is definitely an old soul that was here before. This young queen sings, raps, writes her own music, and is a musician, a true artist with many talents.

She began performing with her older brother when she was six years old and began taking music serious since she was nine. You can check out her YouTube channel, make sure you like and subscribe!

You can also support her music by purchasing her songs on iTunes.


The “peaceful rebel” just dropped a super dope visual to her latest single “stereotypes.” The song was inspired by the black lives matter movement and Tayahna wanted to use her voice to represent the voiceless. During the interview she breaks down the meaning of the song and you won’t believe how old she actually was when she wrote it in her living room!

This beautiful soul is filled with talent, knowledge, and power, get familiar with her now, she will take over the industry and will bring REAL MUSIC back!


Check out her visual for “stereotypes.”


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Interview with Brooklyn rapper “PHresher” – Details On His New Project ‘PH’ + How He’s Changing The World

Brooklyn rapper “PHresher” has been heating the streets up lately with his hot new single “Wait A Minute.” The East New York lyricist is taking over the tri-state and he’s changing the world – one kid at a time.

The rising star takes time out of his hectic day to coach basketball and football to the kids in his neighborhood. A true philanthropist, he feels that in order to inspire the youth, it goes beyond just telling them to do great, you have to actually show them.

Phresher exemplifies the true meaning behind a role model. His advice for upcoming artist on the rise is to grind. He didn’t get to where he was at over night and this is just the beginning.

Sometime at the top of November his project ‘PH’ is set to drop. “Illa da producer” alongside “Reazy Renegade” are the two main in house producers that’ll be cooking up the heat.

Ladies if you wanted to know if PHresher was a “Netflix and chill” type of guy or more of a date night type of due, you should be happy to know that he says he is romantic. He prefers his woman to have booty and brains – he loves great sex, a “nice a$$” and she has to be smart. His number one turn off is aggressive so play it cool if you want to impress Phresh.



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“Chase” from the web series Sons Of Kingston

I had the chance to chop it up with Howard, also known as “Chase” from the upcoming Jamaican-American web series Son’s Of Kingston. We talked about how he got his role in the show, other projects he’s involved in, and some of his likes and dislikes when it comes to women and relationships. Check it out!

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 #BadAndBoujee Girl Chat With Model/Actress #RyanJustine


Being bad and boujee isn’t just about looks or wearing fashionable clothes. Part of being a boss baddie is being able to get into your bag and having brains.


On the latest episode of “In The Mix” I had the pleasure of interviewing published model and actress on the up coming web series “Sons Of Kingston“, Ryan Justine. We talked about her role as “Cream” on the show and although it may seem like her character is a player, things wasn’t always that way.


The girl chat included talks about love, relationships, worse pick up lines, turn offs, and a whole lot more. Get to know the real Ryan Justine, check out it out!

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Louder lyricist “Cash Sinatra” from Queens, NY has an album out now on iTunes self-titled “Raheem.” During the interview Cash explains the meaning behind “Sinatra vs. Raheem.” He also opened up about how chasing his passion caused friction with his family and how it effects his music. @CashSinatra spoke about his musical influences and who he hopes to do a record with in the future. Check it out!

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Vision Over Money! Grit & Grind

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Kicking it with WBLS’ @DJPreme

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