Did Rihanna just SHUT DOWN pregnancy rumors?

Fans went WILD last month after it was speculated that she was expecting.

Yesterday, the Fenty Beauty mogul shared a video of herself wearing lingerie from her Savage Fenty brand. The boss babe showed off her curves and flat stomach with a blunt in her mouth.

However, the joint wasn’t lit and if a baby is baking in there, it will take a few months for her to show.

What do you think?

A Texas man, Paul Nixon, 51, is wanted after he allegedly filed for and completed divorce proceedings against his wife without her knowledge.

He committed the alleged crime in Feb. and his wife found out about the “divorce” in May and she notified the police. Authorities found out that Nixon forged his wife’s signature.

Nixon now faces up to 10 years in prison if he is found and convicted. + He’s STILL married to his wife.


Kim Kardashian revealed when she was 14-years-old, she lied about her age to be in a Tupac video.

Although she played a vixen, she wasn’t wearing skimpy clothes or shaking her tail feather.

Kim sported a classy blue dress and strutted down the runway.

She never got to meet Tupac ironically, he wasn’t there at the shoot.

The video is for “All About U.” Take a look;